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Hello, I'm Yana... I 'm a documentary wedding photographer and I'm the lucky person who loves the job I do. I started out as a journalist at a tender age of 14. Having received two University degrees in a very creative, but not really free art of navigating through legal puzzles, I found myself the happiest photographing people and telling the beautiful story of their unique relationship.

Born in Russia, lived in Siberia, Central Russia and Baltic States... England has been my home for many years...and now France is the place where I spend several months a year as well. As my winters are getting warmer, my winter activities have changed from sledging in -45C to light lunches on Mediterranean promenade. Admittedly, not every day. Shame...

People say that I have a fabulous accent...although my husband and my children don't admit to hearing it. I am learning French and I can tell you that I definitely have an accent when I speak the language of love, language of European aristocrats, Louis de Funès and Sophie Marceau! But I am working on it!!

I am shooting digital.... Canon, but started photography last century...on film in a fairly exclusive club of half-frame cameras. 72 exposures from each roll, all developed in my own bathroom with heavy towels blocking the little window... Memories...

I have been professionally photographing weddings for 12 years. Over the years, I've been a member or various professional bodies, such as BIPP and SWPP and won various awards. Most importantly, for me,  I have many very happy couples who feel really glad that they invited me to be a part of their day and to capture their love and their families for generations to come.

The last time I checked, I have my work displayed in 18 countries around the world.

Being part of the international world is very important to me and I love working with people from all over the world. Ever since my university days, I was part of an international community and keep in touch with friends from many countries.

Travel, new cultures, new food, new architecture, dance, fashion and natural light are my inspiration. The Hermitage and the palaces of St Petersburg, people watching on the leafy boulevards of Paris, fashion catwalk shows in London and so many other truly inspirational places and people have enriched my perception on life. 

I am constantly inspired by femininity and a beautiful form. Modern day femininity doesn't always have to be breathless and covered in tule. It pairs timeless with edgy, grace with rock-n-roll. Like modern ballet. I love ballet. To me, ballet dancers are the ultimate combination of grace and steel.

My aim is to tell the story of your romance, your love and relationship through my unobtrusive, natural images. I want to capture the emotions, the atmosphere, the setting of your beautiful wedding using the beautiful natural light, all my skill of a keen observer and a natural appreciation of elegance and sophistication.

I look forward to hearing about you and your world.

Yana x

PS My husband is a masive part of my world and all the pictures of me on this page are taken by him. Johnny Depp doesn't happen to be my husband. My husband is cool with picture of a young Johnny Depp to be here ;-) 

I am thrilled to have my work displayed in the following countries…